Digital television

In our building we have digital TV from Ziggo available. Because of the recent buildyear of our building the installation is relatively new and can be used for SD,HD and interactive TV.

Standard digital TV

In order to use digital TV up until March 2015, you needed a Ziggo smartcard and a suitable receiver. Since the merger of Ziggo and UPC (our 2 cable providers), all standard digital TV channels can be received without the need of extra hardware. The only thing necessary  is a TV that is suitable for digital cable TV. Pretty much every modern TV supports this, but to check your own TV you can click here. At the time you are setting up your TV, you should indicate that you want to find both analog and digital TV channels. After this you need to fill out the following records for the digital setup:

  • Frequency:                     474.00 MHz [if necessary without a dash and sometimes with an extra 0 after the dash]
  • Network-ID:                  (0)4444
  • Modulation:                   64 QAM (standard)
  • Symbolfrequency:        6875KS/s (standard)

Now you can see all basic channels digitally. 


If you want HDTV then you do need extra hardware. If you have a relatively new TV with a CI+ slot, then you can choose to buy a CI+ module instead of getting a separate set-top box. If you do not have a CI+ slot then you do need a separate receiver that is suitable for the Ziggo network. 

You can rent the smartcard with receiver via ITTDesk from Ziggo. You sign a contract with Ziggo by doing this. To find the HD channels, you need to use Network-ID (0)5555 instead of (0)4444.

Horizon Go TV app

Since the merger of Ziggo and UPC, all Ziggo customers can use the UPC Horizon Go TV app. Where the old Ziggo app was only usable for customers that have a consumer internet connection as well as tv, the only requirement for the UPC app is that you have to have a TV subscription. To be able to use the UPC app you do need a ‘My Ziggo’ account, you can create this account with the customer number you will receive when you rent a receiver.