Tips, tricks and F.A.Q.

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions and some tips and tricks, which for example come in handy when moving.

Smoke detector

Each (individual) apartment is equipped with a smoke detector. It is mounted on the ceiling, between the kitchen and bathroom. The smoke detector is connected to the main power lines, but also has a 9V-battery to serve as a back-up in case of a power outage. If that battery is (nearly) empty, the smoke detector starts making a beeping sound, indicating you have to replace the battery. In order to do so, please turn the smoke detector from its mounting plate in the direction indicated.

Open double doors

The doors of the main entrance, from the main hall towards the patio (in the direction of the faculty of Architecture) and from the main hall towards the parking spots all are double doors. If you have opened one door (using the regular door handle), you can open the second using the clips in the door frame (one at the top and one at the bottom of the frame, similar to the double windows at the back of most apartments). That way, you can more easily enter the building with larger items and/or you can prevent the door from locking closed.

Other double doors (such as the ones towards the hall with mailboxes or trash cans) can also be opened, but these feature a separate door handle that is easily spotted.