In our building, there are shared laundry facilities. Going left from the main hall, you’ll find a room with 3 washing machines and 2 drying machines. You can pay using a personal QR-code, which you can download from the laundry-website, https://michielderuyterweg.nl/laundry. This page contains information on booking machines and transferring money to your account.

Please note: if your QR-code cannot be read, try putting it further down, away from the scanner (± 50 centimetres).


Using the washing and drying machines cost €2,- and €1,-, respectively. 

Downloading the QR-code

With the online interface you are able to download your personal QR-code, as well as print or re-generate it. You can log on to the system using your email address amd a password of your choosing. If you do not (or no longer) have login information, please use the ‘Lost password’-button to generate a new password. The location ID that’s required the first time logging on is CA-1006.

(Please note the previous laundry system used to save passwords to the database in human readable format, allowing DUWO to directly read it. We don’t know whether this problem still persists in this new system, but recommend you being careful.)


With the online interface provided by DUWO, you can book a machine for a specified timeslot. In order to do so, click on the link before, log in and click on ‘Book a machine’. You can then follow the steps on the screen, leading you to ultimately confirm your booking. You can cancel a booking you’ve made in the past by following the same steps. Booking’s that you have previously made will show up green and can be cancelled after clicking on them.

Caution: if you have reserved a time slot but do not show up within 15 minutes, your reservation is cancelled. However, the costs for using the machine are charged from your account. This policy was adopted to prevent people from reserving machines and not using them, even though other residents are waiting for an available one.

Transfer money

Using the button ‘Add credits’, you are able to transfer money to your electronic account. Various payment gateways are accepted, such as credit card, iDEAL and PayPal. The payment process is self-explanatory. It’s also possible to transfer money to your account using contactless payment, using an NFC-enabled debit card. You can do this at the laundry terminal. 

User manual

You can download the full user manual in PDF-format from this link.