Parking key

With this key, you are able to open the boom barrier and access the parking lot by car (by holding the QR code in front of the reader).


Lending the key is free of charge.


  • Only for moving houses.
  • Do not park on the parking spots below the terrace; (un)loading is allowed there.
  • In case the key is misused or not returned on time, the key will be blocked.


Please make your booking two days in advance (or even earlier), so we have enough time to arrange transfer of the key. Unfortunately, we usually cannot get the key ready for the next day (especially in the evening). There is only 1 key available and it is possible that not all RC members can access it.

To reserve the key, send a WhatsApp message to Ymie, +31649369793. In the message, mention at least your first+last name, email address and dates on which you would like access. She’ll do her best to get you the access in time.